First Scholars Program

The goal of the First Scholars program is to support first-generation college students and enhance their ability to successfully graduate. The program is open to incoming first-time, full-time freshmen whose parents did not attend college. Selected students receive personalized support and a scholarship.


Our innovative programming is designed to give First Scholars the tools and resources needed to succeed as first-generation college students.

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Our First Scholars engage in a transformational, personal development program that empowers them to fulfill their personal vision and purposes throughout their college career and life beyond.

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The First Scholars Program offers first-generation students a unique opportunity to set their course for success in college and beyond.

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Every gift counts toward the First Scholars Program. With your donation we are able to support first-generation college students.

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Lead the Legacy is an initiative of the First Scholars Program open to all first-generation students at WSU living in Gannon-Goldsworthy residence hall. This living learning community offers students free access to a variety of campus resources and support networks.

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First-Generation Abroad is WSU’s newest study abroad program designed exclusively for students who are first in their family to attend college. All first-generation students at WSU are invited to participate in this study abroad program.


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