First Scholars Program

Lead the Legacy

40% of incoming WSU freshmen are first-generation.

First-generation students are a growing population on college campuses across the nation, WSU included! Usually defined as students whose parents have not graduated from a four-year college or university, First-Generation students will lead their family legacy in obtaining a higher education.

WSU students living in Gannon-Goldsworthy residence hall are invited to participate in a Living Learning Community called "Lead the Legacy". Lead the Legacy programming is in addition to the services provided in University housing. Participation is free, and students will have access to a variety of resources and support networks designed to help first-generation students reach their personal, academic, and career goals.

Lead the Legacy is sponsored by the Office for Access, Equity, and Achievement in collaboration with WSU Housing and Residence Life. Students do not need to participate in the First Scholars Program to join Lead the Legacy.

Lead the Legacy is at Gannon-Goldsworthy Residence Hall!

Gannon-Goldsworthy is an energetic hall and home to 600 men and women, many who are first-year students. Consisting of the linked Gannon and Goldsworthy buildings, this hall also houses our Lead the Legacy living learning community which equips students who are among the first in their families to attend college with the support needed to be successful at WSU. The hall is located on Stadium Way across from the mathematics and physical science buildings, and residents have access to the Southside Café just outside the door.  Gannon-Goldsworthy also offers tutoring in the residence hall on most evenings, and a variety of recreation options including a pool table, ping pong table, foosball table, air hockey table, big screen TV, weight room and kitchen.  There is a washer and dryer on each floor and their use is covered in your room and board rates. Each floor has a study lounge and there are also two large study lounges on the main floor of Gannon-Goldsworthy.

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Elective Course for First-Generation College Students (Spring 2018)

Reach your personal and academic goals with First Scholars and Lead the Legacy!

First-generation college students living in Gannon-Goldsworthy Residence Hall are invited to enroll in a one-credit course designed to prepare freshman for a successful experience at WSU.  Enrollment is limited to 25 students, and class meets once a week.  Students will:

  • Identify their top 5 strengths and learn how to build skills in those areas
  • Explore “best fits” within their academics, extracurricular activities, and relationships
  • Develop an understanding of personal financial aid planning and money management skills
  • Gain an appreciation for their own lived experiences and learn how to present their story in effective scholarship essays and personal statements
  • Form close bonds with other first-generation college students and supportive university staff

Class meets Thursdays, 10:35-11:50am in Gannon-Golds.

Email to enroll or request more information.